Meet The Team!

Dhruv Balaji - Founder and CEO

Aditya Ahlawat - Director of Curriculum

Hi! My name is Aditya Ahlawat, and I am a High school student volunteering at Spectrum Robotics. I have always had a passion for Robotics and Coding, and I strive to go into Computer Science when I grow up. When I first heard about this program, I was immediately interested in joining and making efforts to help kids with Autism explore the fascinating world of Science. As I started to teach the kids, I had a lot of fun. I would get so happy and proud whenever a kid would learn something new, or build a new robot. Their smiles would brighten up my day and would motivate me to continue teaching them. Overall, I love volunteering at Spectrum Robotics, and I hope that I can give each kid a passion for lifelong learning.

Parthavi Nerurkar - Director of Teaching

Hi! My name is Parthavi Nerurkar and I am a junior at High School South. I have been on a robotics team for 6 years and I have completed a certification in CAD. I am very passionate about teaching and working with kids. Spectrum Robotics gives me the opportunity to spread my love and passion for STEM with more children.

Sanika Pande - Director of Recruitment and Publicity

Hi! I'm Sanika Pande and I'm a sophomore at High School South. By being on a robotics team for almost half my life, I've had the chance to volunteer and teach other kids what I'm passionate about. Sharing my love for science and technology with others is always a great experience and I've loved every second of working with every kid I've taught. I wanted to volunteer at Spectrum Robotics because it's such an important organization. I strongly believe that it's crucial for every single kid regardless of their differences to have the opportunity to learn and pursue STEM, and Spectrum Robotics does just that.

Adwaith Hariharan - Instructor and Curriculum Developer

Archis Behere - Instructor and Curriculum Developer

Jinu Ryu - Instructor

Shreya Arora - Instructor

Arjun Ramakrishnan - Instructor

Shreya Jagnade - Instructor

Ryan Boev - Instructor

Shruti Vasagiri - Instructor

Atharva Bhalke - Instructor

Anish Korrapati - Instructor

Andrew Chan - Instructor