Meet The Team!

Dhruv Balaji - Founder and CEO

Aditya Ahlawat - Director of Curriculum

Hi! My name is Aditya Ahlawat, and I am a High school student volunteering at Spectrum Robotics. I have always had a passion for Robotics and Coding, and I strive to go into Computer Science when I grow up. When I first heard about this program, I was immediately interested in joining and making efforts to help kids with Autism explore the fascinating world of Science. As I started to teach the kids, I had a lot of fun. I would get so happy and proud whenever a kid would learn something new, or build a new robot. Their smiles would brighten up my day and would motivate me to continue teaching them. Overall, I love volunteering at Spectrum Robotics, and I hope that I can give each kid a passion for lifelong learning.

Parthavi Nerurkar - Director of Teaching

Hi! My name is Parthavi Nerurkar and I am a junior at High School South. I have been on a robotics team for 6 years and I have completed a certification in CAD. I am very passionate about teaching and working with kids. Spectrum Robotics gives me the opportunity to spread my love and passion for STEM with more children.

Sanika Pande - Director of Recruitment and Publicity

Hi! I'm Sanika Pande and I'm a sophomore at High School South. By being on a robotics team for almost half my life, I've had the chance to volunteer and teach other kids what I'm passionate about. Sharing my love for science and technology with others is always a great experience and I've loved every second of working with every kid I've taught. I wanted to volunteer at Spectrum Robotics because it's such an important organization. I strongly believe that it's crucial for every single kid regardless of their differences to have the opportunity to learn and pursue STEM, and Spectrum Robotics does just that.

Archis Behere - Volunteer Teacher and Curriculum Developer

I am a junior at Livingston High School. I am on the robotics team and I love science, especially physics. I would like to share this passion with others at Spectrum Robotics. 

Adwaith Hariharan - Volunteer Teacher and Curriculum Developer

I am a passionate STEM advocate. I have a mission to educate and empower others to bring out the best in them and am keen to explore the world of science through the lens of mathematics and social action. As a rising sophomore at Biotechnology High School in Freehold, I am no stranger to hard work and dedication to achieve a goal. As a go-getter, I like to bring interest, commitment, and energy to everything I do.

Anish Korrapati - Volunteer Teacher and Curriculum Developer

My name is Anish Korrapati. I have volunteered for multiple organizations, including the Make-a-Wish Foundation and the Ronald McDonald House. I started volunteering in 4th grade when I volunteered for the Monroe Special Sports Program. In the program, volunteers pair up with kids with disabilities, and the volunteers help them play different sports. My favorite part about volunteering is devoting my time to helping others. I joined Spectrum Robotics because I am interested in robotics and I love to teach others.

David Cohen - Social Media Manager

Hi, my name is David Cohen and I am a high school student volunteering as the social media manager for Spectrum Robotics. I have heard a lot about Spectrum Robotics from my friends and have always wanted to help out. However, I’ve never been too interested in coding and robotics. That’s when I found the perfect solution, to help with marketing and social media. Since I’ve started, I have learned so much more about this community than I ever could have hoped. I love seeing all the happy kids in class and feel great knowing that I helped do something to make their day!

Prachi Mital - Volunteer Teacher and Curriculum Developer

My name is Prachi Mital, and I am a 16-year-old who is passionate to make this world more inclusive for everyone despite our differences. My older brother is on the autism spectrum, and he has inspired me in many ways and showed me the shortcomings of our society. With the inspiration given by my brother, I started my own organization called The Boomerang Project with a goal to unite the special needs and mainstream communities through community service and other activities that benefit the society as a whole. Furthermore, I have a lot of experience in many subjects of science and am a quailed EMT! I am ecstatic to be involved with this amazing program, Spectrum Robotics, and am exhilarated to get your kids as excited about science as I am! 

Jinu Ryu - Volunteer Teacher

Hello, my name is Jinu Ryu. When I heard about Spectrum Robotics, I was instantly hooked into joining the class as a volunteer because it was something new that aligned with my interests. Robotics, and other similar topics such as coding, was always a subject I liked. On top of that, I also wanted an opportunity to spread my passion to other people. Though I didn’t have too much experience with autistic children prior to the class, I came to enjoy helping them out in any way I can. Watching the children in this class smile at the LEGO robots they create at the end of class really makes my day!

Diego Vogelman - Business Management Volunteer

Hi, my name is Diego. I first became interested in Spectrum Robotics when I had heard Dhruv speak of its ongoing creation and now that I am able to be a part of it really brings joy to my life. Prior to helping out, I had done some volunteering work here and there but never anything that really gave me an opportunity to express my interests while helping out the community on an interpersonal level. I have always enjoyed robotics and engineering design, and being able to create an environment in which autistic children can learn these skills is what I think makes this organization very special.