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During COVID-19, we are running virtual classes that have the same goal as the physical classes: to educate and inspire students!

A Virtual Introduction to Robotics

In this 3-week class, students explore a lot of the same challenges that are taught in our Introduction to Robotics Course, such as understanding motors, sensors, and loops. However, mastering these concepts remotely can be a lot more challenging, so the virtual curriculum is a lot slower paced. 


LEGO Creativity Lab

In this 5-week class, students are given the opportunity to harness their creativity through building models with LEGO! Classes serve not only as a learning environment but also a great social space. 


Introduction to Programming with Scratch

In this class, students are introduced to the world of programming through a platform called Scratch. Students will learn to express their ideas through simple and easy-to-understand code, while also socializing with their peers and having a blast! The concepts learned in this class will set the groundwork for more advanced computer science topics, and will be a great beginner’s introduction to the world of computer science. 

Screen Shot 2020-08-18 at 2.38.52 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-08-18 at 2.39.01 PM.png

Basic of Computer-Aided Design with Tinkercad

In this class, students will get a taste of the design world by using a software called Tinkercad to create their own shapes and objects. Computer-aided design, or CAD, is a very cool skill that has endless possibilities! After mastering the basics, students truly understand how to translate their creative thoughts to the virtual world and use Tinkercad as an outlet for their imagination! 

tinkercad copy.png
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